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Tip of the Hats Iron-On Patch

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Tip of the Hats Iron-On Patch

3" round embroidered patch with merrowed edge and iron-on backing.  

Here’s our preferred method to make sure that your patches stay put:

1: Check the tag of your garment to make sure that the fabric you’re trying to use is iron safe. Polyester, nylon, silk may burn or discolor.

2: Lay the garment on a flat, heat resistant surface such as an ironing board.  If you do not have one, a few towels on a hard surface will work in a pinch.

3: Plug in the iron and let it heat to the highest temperature your fabric can safely handle. Make sure to turn off the Steam feature and that you don’t have any water inside of the iron.

4: Position your patch wherever you want it to stay.

5: Place a thin cloth over the patch. Hold the iron on top of the patch for 15 seconds, pressing down firmly.

6: Remove the iron and the cloth, allow the patch to cool and then check that the patch is securely in place. If you can still lift the edge, repeat the last step for another ten seconds.

7: We strongly recommend sewing the patch on for permanent hold.  The iron on backing is good for keeping the patch in place while you sew.




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